Hidden Indication Of An Accident

Hidden Indication Of An Accident


Right I don’t usually use my blog as a place to moan . But today im going to make a massive exception.

Today as I was driving on my way to work , someone in a BMW ( Now I don’t want anyone to make any assumptions here but they would be correct) decided it was perfectly ok for them to go in the outside lane cutting out all the traffic , and then cut in last minute right in front of me. While I don’t usually care about this kind of thing this time it got to me, I was travelling at 40 mph at this point but the other car must have been doing 60/70mph. The prat in the BMW cut right in front and I had to slam on my brakes as did the car behind me, otherwise I would have hit the back of him/her. Now I’m not sure if they understand the English road laws (Car was from Belgium) but I’m pretty sure you have to leave enough room and not cause another driver to slam on their brakes hoping that they don’t die. The worst thing for me however was the fact that the driver hadn’t indicated (or at least that’s what I originally thought). The driver had in fact indicated but was using those stupid tinted rear lights. They were incidentally tinted so dark that they were literally useless!

Now many of those of you out there will be thinking I’m over exaggerating to because you have them yourself will be able to say I’m being stupid. But I have good eyesight if I didn’t see it imagine someone older, it’s just a recipe to cause accidents (seriously why hasn’t someone invented a car that can’t turn without its indicators on yet!)

I don’t want to have an accident because some inconsiderate person decides in order to make their car look “cool” they need to make it so other road users have no clue what they are doing !

I don’t actually mind people having them tinted as long as they still work for what they are intended, the indicators should still be visible and at night the red reflectors should still work, is it really so much to ask for ?


8 thoughts on “Hidden Indication Of An Accident

  1. Those tinted covers are pointless. They can be outlawed, I wouldn’t mind. I like your idea of not being able to turn without using a signal, but that seems too ingenious to be applied.


  2. Hi Steven, here I go again but It might not be that the signal light is too dark (the government agency regulating this, which cars are allowed on the road or not) would never let this type of vehicle (unsafe for others and for the driver as well) on the road. You’re right, this would be a recipe for disaster.

    Perhaps the bulb within the encasement was not working itself, in this case, the driver is at fault, whether or not he was aware of this fact. As for cutting you off, it is perfectly allowable, once the car taking it’s place in front of you is at least one and a half car lengths ahead of you. Be careful, drive safe, which means, drive defensively. Kharis Macey


    1. the car wasnt a car and a half worth of road in front of me kharis , it was close to 3/4 of 1 car! and the bulb was working fine because i saw the indicator working afterwards…


      1. Well that driver should be curtailed in some way by the law. But these are things which happen while driving. Sometimes we think the person is getting away with it, but down the road, there might be an accident or the police waiting for him.

        Sorry about the negativity, but reality is traffic violators really are a danger to themselves and others and their actions do not survive for a long time. So, chin up my friend and keep driving safely. KM


  3. I am 100% in agreement with your rant. Indeed, I truly wish someone would invent a car that can’t turn without its indicators. I wish I had the ingenuity to do so!


  4. There are a lot of idiot drivers around, I frequently see drivers in the outside lane of A roads and motorways cut the three lanes of traffic fine to zip off at exits narrowly missing cars as they go. Its the main reason I avoid regular use of the M25.


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