My brother was a tinker

Sister was a tailor

Father was a soldier

Mother was a spy

Me I’m just a linguistic thinker

Words well-travelled like a swallow on the chest of a sailor

Every rhyme like a tear that needs a shoulder

World peace well that’s a unachievable lie

One that everyone believed hook line and sinker

Mending the metal outsides

Stitching together the words

Fighting off the Temptation

Coldness and trickery that often deceive

Double agent with a mirror but your reflection has your heart inside

Footsteps predictable like the migration of birds

Poetry the language of every nation

If your still deaf to this then you might as well leave

10 thoughts on “Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy

      1. I really appreciate the truth and honesty that you have very effectively applied to what most might see as a part of society they would rather turn a blind eye to. The use of the title of a popular novel turned movie in your poem, matched with witty rhymes playing off each word in that title, in the second part of your poem was very effective as well!


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