Fortitude Needs You !!


Hello to everyone new to my blog and reading for the first time, and a big welcome back to everyone that’s been following it as its been progressing.


Fortitude was set up by me and Mitchell Alcock, back in late 2011 as a collective term for ourselves to publish under, we then progressed and found that our combined efforts made it so that our work was able to be released much faster, and that the self-publishing route is the most rewarding. We released a book called This Is What Saved Me, which as of yet has been in our eyes a success.

After a long discussion recently ( and around a year ago also) we decided that we would like to grow our group , help others achieve the dream we had already achieved and with the help of a group make sure that the whole groups work became that of legend.

The Idea

We decided that we would need members who either write poetry, write literature of any other kind, a photographer, someone with connections to publishers/agents or an artist.

We believe that if we get such a collection of people together that we would be able to achieve anything we set our minds on and that it wouldn’t matter if someone in the group needed either emotional or work help , there would be someone in the group to help them out.

We are striving to get ourselves a team of people that want to work together, still want 100% of any money made in the process, but want to feel part of something huge!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what type of poetry/writing/pictures you do, we want to hear from you!

For more details please contact myself by the following methods



Joint twitter


Comment on this blog post

(Text message if you email me requesting my phone number)

Or contact my co-founder Mitchell



There will be some questions to answer and things to clarify, and you will get the chance to ask your own questions too, but dont worry our questions will not be difficult.


Please tell anyone you think would be interested in doing something like this about this blog post and about the group, they are welcome to contact us as well.


96 thoughts on “Fortitude Needs You !!

  1. Thanks so much Steven for following my PLN blog, I’m very new to this way of communicating and it feels a bit daunting. Making a connection is great! Thanks again and all the best with your writing !

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