Letter From The Sun

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Letter from the sun

Dear world,

Enjoy my rays

Don’t take me for granted

I may not make my presence known for days

But don’t let your faces get all slanted

I make the grass green

The birds sing and fly

Provide life for everything that has ever been

Give the day joy but nobody ever questions why

I turn the darkest days into a scene so  picturesque

You need sunglasses iIm so bright

You may not notice but without me things would be grotesque 

I promise to give you never ending light

The summer has just begun

Make the most of it and life


Regards the Sun


By Steven Fox




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About sfoxwriting

Hello to my readers, First of all thankyou for reading my blog, my name is Steven Fox and im Co-Founder of the Writing Organisation "Fortitude". I live in Derby (England) and im currently 21 years old. Im passionate about my beliefs and wont be swayed, so if you want to read someone who speaks 100% what they think you in the right place..

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  1. Well stated Steven, I like this poem. KM


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