My brother was a tinker

Sister was a tailor

Father was a soldier

Mother was a spy

Me I’m just a linguistic thinker

Words well-travelled like a swallow on the chest of a sailor

Every rhyme like a tear that needs a shoulder

World peace well that’s a unachievable lie

One that everyone believed hook line and sinker

Mending the metal outsides

Stitching together the words

Fighting off the Temptation

Coldness and trickery that often deceive

Double agent with a mirror but your reflection has your heart inside

Footsteps predictable like the migration of birds

Poetry the language of every nation

If your still deaf to this then you might as well leave

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About sfoxwriting

Hello to my readers, First of all thankyou for reading my blog, my name is Steven Fox and im Co-Founder of the Writing Organisation "Fortitude". I live in Derby (England) and im currently 21 years old. Im passionate about my beliefs and wont be swayed, so if you want to read someone who speaks 100% what they think you in the right place..

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  1. Great Work. Straight forward, but an undercover soft lining. Way To Go. :)


  2. This is really fantastic!


  3. great work there!! liked every line of it..!!! :)
    ps: thnx for visiting mah blog n liking mah posts :)


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