Fortitude Needs You !!


Hello to everyone new to my blog and reading for the first time, and a big welcome back to everyone that’s been following it as its been progressing.


Fortitude was set up by me and Mitchell Alcock, back in late 2011 as a collective term for ourselves to publish under, we then progressed and found that our combined efforts made it so that our work was able to be released much faster, and that the self-publishing route is the most rewarding. We released a book called This Is What Saved Me, which as of yet has been in our eyes a success.

After a long discussion recently ( and around a year ago also) we decided that we would like to grow our group , help others achieve the dream we had already achieved and with the help of a group make sure that the whole groups work became that of legend.

The Idea

We decided that we would need members who either write poetry, write literature of any other kind, a photographer, someone with connections to publishers/agents or an artist.

We believe that if we get such a collection of people together that we would be able to achieve anything we set our minds on and that it wouldn’t matter if someone in the group needed either emotional or work help , there would be someone in the group to help them out.

We are striving to get ourselves a team of people that want to work together, still want 100% of any money made in the process, but want to feel part of something huge!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what type of poetry/writing/pictures you do, we want to hear from you!

For more details please contact myself by the following methods



Joint twitter


Comment on this blog post

(Text message if you email me requesting my phone number)

Or contact my co-founder Mitchell



There will be some questions to answer and things to clarify, and you will get the chance to ask your own questions too, but dont worry our questions will not be difficult.


Please tell anyone you think would be interested in doing something like this about this blog post and about the group, they are welcome to contact us as well.


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About sfoxwriting

Hello to my readers, First of all thankyou for reading my blog, my name is Steven Fox and im Co-Founder of the Writing Organisation "Fortitude". I live in Derby (England) and im currently 21 years old. Im passionate about my beliefs and wont be swayed, so if you want to read someone who speaks 100% what they think you in the right place..

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  1. This sounds interesting! What exactly is it about and how do I join it?
    I’m from Malaysia though. Would that be a problem?


    • It in an organisation with a group of people working together to help each other get to the next step they wish to get to .. please either send me an email to or send me a tweet to @sfoxwriting

      Malaysia isnt a problem at all , we already have members all around the world :)


  2. This sounds like an absolutely awesome idea. I’m going to send the link to some people I know, see what they think – maybe I can be involved! We are pretty busy but I love this concept. Will get back.


  3. Wow, I love this idea. I don’t really know what to say, I’m in awe :)


  4. Hi, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog ( It sounds very interesting what you are trying to set up and I would be happy to become a member. I am a proofreader and copy-editor by profession and writer in my personal time. Some more information would be great, particularly if you have any set goals or project deadlines coming up. Thanks.


    • Below are the questions i ask others about it , any more info you want can be given :)

      1. Do you have a twitter account ? 2. If not would you be willing to start an account of the same nature of myself and Mitchell ( info on how to do this available ) 3.If yes would you be interested in starting a second account 4. Would you be willing to advertise the group and the book to a few people on different places ( twitter,facebook .. etc…) 5. Do you have Whatsapp ( its an iphone and other smartphone app which means you can text and send images around the world for the original cost of £1.99 which doesnt ever need paying again just makes communicating soooo much easier ) 6. Any work that we do together would you be ok/Happy with the money being distributed on a per contribution level ? for example if there is 100 poems and you do 10 then 10% of the money ( if you don’t write and say you’re a photographer you would get money for pictures used ?? 7. Do you know anyone else that would be interested in joining ? 8. And finally do you know any artists ? 9 . When you finish your book would you be ok with putting your book under the same section of the site we used for selling our poetry book ( So that all our work is together )( obviously – the printing costs from the site 100% of the money would go to you) and if it is a set of pictures would you be willing to put it into a book and going this direction ? 10. if you want to join can you add on facebook your job as writer/ other job at ” Fortitude Poetry”


  5. Reblogged this on Love Of Words and commented:
    Great group & wonderful opportunity for anyone passionate about their craft looking to publish :)


  6. I would love to be apart of this! Check your Facebook inbox, I send you a message. I’m in the NY/NJ area!


  7. I’d be interested in joing this group if only I could discuss it a little further with you… may I use your Email to Email you about this as I’ve seen in other comments?


  8. Hey, man,

    I saw your comment on my blog and I like what you’re doing here. I’m spread a little thin right now with my deadlines, but I would be interesting in hearing more.



  9. Reblogged this on Love & Pain Collide and commented:
    This is a wonderful idea!!


  10. alasmindmenow

    Hey! I like to write poetry. Check out some of my stuff on my blog. I write on the daily, so I have new stuff frequently. TJ


  11. I’m willing to join if you’re interested in student bloggers from India. Here’s the link to my blog:


  12. It looks like you’re getting a lot of good response on your idea! I can’t commit to this right now, but I wish you the best!


  13. Hi. I’m definitely interested in joining. Should I email you?


  14. You most certainly are! Please contact me via one of the methods listed in the article :)


  15. Hey, I am watching this for days and I simply cannot decide if I would be something that you are looking for. If you have time you can check my page out and let me know if there is something there that catches your eye and if yes, I’d be most glad to exchange words with you via e-mail.


  16. This is an awesome idea! I am willing to join this. I am sending a mail right now. Hope to get a reply from you soon :)


  17. I am not sure if what I blog about is of any interest to you, or if that fact that I am based in Ireland rules me out but I am interested!


  18. good luck with your project!


  19. I wish you every success with your writing and publishing. My main creative outlet is, a prayer site, but I’ve also self-published three novels I’m proud of. I think agents and big publishing houses are a complete waste of time (and they’re middlemen, taking a cut of your profits), so I encourage everyone here to write, sing, play, shoot, draw, paint and dance. Creating is the best way to live, all the rest is just details.


  20. Great idea for searching for like-minded people! Thanks, too, for visiting/following my blog.


  21. I’ll spread the word. Thanks for subscribing to my blog.,


  22. Thanks so much Steven for following my PLN blog, I’m very new to this way of communicating and it feels a bit daunting. Making a connection is great! Thanks again and all the best with your writing !


  23. I commend your vision, it is the vehicle on which we achieve great things.


  24. Thanks for the follow and stopping by my blog. Nice blog! Best wishes!


  25. Thanks for the follow. Writers’ co-operatives are awesome :)
    I’m part of this one.
    Best of luck with yours.


  26. …hope to be part of this…


  27. I´m in. All aforementioned means of communication are blocked at my humble day job. I´ll try hitting you up later. Thanks for the follow.


  28. An interesting project. : ) I would be very much interested in being a part of this.


  29. This is a super awesome idea. :) I would love to be a part of this. I’ll shoot a message your way on facebook :)


  30. Sent you an email (:
    Great idea Steven!


  31. Hello, this sounds very interesting and would definitely be interested, my email is if you need to get ahold of me. The fields that I would be best suited for is poetry and photography. Hope to hear from you soon!


  32. Reblogged this on Say It and commented:
    This is awesome! Would be great if I could join the group too. :)


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