Uk To Allow Driverless Cars In 2015


The Uk government is going to outline its measures it intends to put in place to permit driverless cars to drive on public roads next year (2015)


At the moment , autonomous vehicles are currently only allowed to drive on private roads and property.

The department for transport at a previous time pledged to allow self driving cars to ave a trial period in 2013.

In December the treasury said it would create a £10m prize to fund a town or city to become the testing ground for the new technology.

The government wants to signal that Britian can be a leader in such technology , and the business secretary will announce measure to boost the research massively.

In the national infrastructure plan of 2013 , chancellor George Osborne outlined his goal to ensure that the legislative and regulary framework demonstrates to the worlds car companies that the UK is the right place to develop and test these new type of car.

Uk engineers , which include a group at Oxford University , have been experimenting with driverless cars. However concerns about legal and insurance issues have currently so far limited the cars to private roads.

Automotive firm MIRA has tested its vehicles at an 850-acre site in the midlands.

Other countries however have been swifter to allow them on the public roads.

In the US California, Nevada and Florida have already paved the way for the vehicles. In California alone ,googles driverless car has done more than 300,000 on open road.

In 2013 Nissan carried out Japans first public road test on a highway.

Swedish city Gothenburg Is to allow 1000 volvo cars to take to the road by 2017

In may google unveiled plans to manufacture 100 self driving cars.

The search-behemoth exhibited a prototype which has no steering wheel or pedals just a big stop button.

Google has also put its own technology in Toyota and lexus cars.

Bmw, Mercedes,Nissan and general motors are all doing their own models.

Automated parking is among the innovations which is being introduced.

However concerns about the safety of the cars has been raised by polititions.

Earlier this month the FBI warned that the cars could be used as lethal weapons “ will have high impact on transforming what law enforcement and its adversaries can operationally do with a car”


My thoughts on the matter are two things really.


  • It’s a brilliant piece of technology that will save thousands of people each year from drink driving , or being too tired to drive and killing people. It will mean you never will get lost again and that you can do other things on the way to work in the morning other than driving , hopefully it would also take out human error in driving.
  • It’s a terrible idea because it can be used by terrorists to plant bombs and then drive them pretty much remotely to a location and then all they need to do is press the detonator , they don’t even need to be in the car!


Give me your thoughts on this below !

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Guitar Man

guitar man



It is said that you need to 

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.- Cecil Beaton

and i couldn’t agree more. You need to stay true to yourself , be brave and break the mould. Without integrity we as men and women are nothing , but an empty shell. 

An empty shell with nothing left to obtain drive,inspiration or happiness from. We all know what is right and what is wrong , and as long as you have a strong moral compass you will never stray to far from the path. You may find a crossroad along the way and you may take the wrong path from time to time but eventually you will find you way back.

Recently I’ve had one of these crossroads happen in my life, i chose the wrong option and because of that nearly lost something very dear to me my own integrity and happiness.I’ve now rejoined the right path and i feel enlightened, joyful and immensely privileged. 

Every situation we face as people needs to be dealt with with the same integrity as another , yet still not lose sight of the different ways to deal with these occurrences, the right way to deal with them.

We really are sometimes a slave to ourselves always doing things that our emotions tell us to do without taking a step back and thinking rationally.

Its about finding that perfect balance between what is right , wrong, smart , stupid , easy and hard.

As long as you find peace with your own words so will the others who read and hear them.

At the end of the day it is only us who can alter how we see situations and if we deal with them with integrity or not.

But if you don’t lose sight of who you are, who they are and who you are together, it doesn’t matter if your business partners, family, friends or partners in love as long as you deal with all situations with integrity you will be happy.


Shinedown- If You Only Knew

Interview With-The Magnus Puto

  • magnus puto1

    You recently played at the download festival, how did that go and what about it did you enjoy the most ?

    Playing Download was awesome! We knew we were a bit of a curve ball act in comparison to the rest of the line up but our set went down really well and being different seemed to help us out in the end. Since then we’ve had some pretty sweet feedback with reviews in both the guardian and the observer.


    The magnus Puto is an unusual name for a band , what was the inspiration behind it ?

    The name The Magnus Puto translates roughly to think big and this is something we try and live by within and outside of music. The feeling behind it being that by aiming high you always guarantee getting something.

    You guys have an interesting blend of musical styles, ska with electronic elements and hip hop are not usually mixed with indie rock. What influenced your sound and do you think its been a wise choice so far ?

    We’ve all been influenced from a whole range of styles individually before we came together as a band – meaning we all came in with contrasting ideas and making this work is part of the challenge and fun. The band started in Briatol and in the early stages we were inspired by the party style of the city writing tunes that people could dance an have a good time to.

    Your second EP “Gettin’ Trouble” was released in 2013 where can people get their hands on this and is there any plans for a full album?

    People can get the EP from our website . There’s definitely an album being worked towards but we have some surprises up our sleeves.

    So far you have toured with some pretty big acts ( Reel Big Fish) is there anything you feel you gained from experiences like this and playing Glastonbury?

    You always learn from bands with experience and RBF’s live show really inspired us to create a full show and to work hard. Playing Glastonbury with the BBC was a great experience and really have us a belief in our own project.

    You are walking down the road and it splits into a fork, do you take the road offering instant success , or slow success , which one do you take and why ?

    It’s about the journey rather than whether we are successfully, its about writing the music we wanna write and if people like it that’s f%cking awesome.

    All tour dates are on our website .

Pharrell Williams-Marilyn Monroe

Nickleback- How You Remind Me

Closed Portal To Another World

Closed Portal To Another World

I like to think there is another world out there. Something which runs parallel to our world and isnt the same but has the same appearance. I think there is ways to travel between the worlds. Ofcorse my beliefs would be laughed at by most but it wont stop me thinking its true .

The Picnic

The Picnic

3 Doors Down- Here Without You


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