Here Comes The Cold


Here comes the cold taking its grip

The ice bearing down on the window sills

The ground covered in snow

Seeing the breathe leave your mouth


But when your cold ive got this handy tip

Turn up the heating and pray you have paid the bills

When going outside think ” do i really have to go ?”

You don’t want to end up like a penguin from the deep south


Your tires have no control

Your lips turn blue

Eyes transform into a grey looking glass

Winter really is starting to take its hold


Grab someone and hold them before it begins to take its toll

That special someone thats who

Grip tightly and wait for it all to pass

But for now , here comes the cold

OneRepublic- Good Life


A Different Outlook


Its funny , how a different outlook on life can affect you and those around you. It isn’t always obvious at first and this may mean you go back to thinking how you always have and you may even bring people down. But there is something i want you to think about …. Are you smiling ?

While making other people happy is very important to the social environment that we all live in , it is even more important to possess the ability and the courage to make ourselves smile. Sometimes other people will abandon us , will let us down and will try their hardest to make sure that we never want to smile again. But why give them the satisfaction ? Something as simple as a truly meant compliment or a helping hand without being asked can make someone’s day and mean that they in turn help others.

Im not saying go round all the time jumping and giving people hugs ( although i do wish there was more people like that ) all im saying is that walking round with a rain cloud over your head only leads to one thing …. Continual unhappiness.

So how do you get this “Different Outlook”?

Well that can only be answered by yourself. For me personally i needed to get away . Get away from the situation that had caused me not to be myself in the first place. I took a two week holiday/vacation to America to see my good friend Mitchell , in that time not only did i see amazing things , i let go of the things that was hurting me , and started to feel free. Since i came back i looked towards the future and set myself solid goals to what i wanted to achieve in my life , and made a plan of how i was going to get there.

Im not saying its going to be easy , and im certainly not saying its going to happen overnight , but its more than possible when your not even looking for one you may find a catalyst ( i did) that makes the final part of the process oh so easy.

Take a look at your life, how you are acting , and decide if its the real you . If not why not show the world how amazing you really are ?

Daughtry- September


Break Of Day

break of day

Gym Class Heroes- Clothes Off


Losing Control (Poem)


In charge of your next direction

But which way should you go

A classic case of hidden defection

Your losing control before you even know


The wheels beneath your feet lose grip

Skidding towards impending danger

Here is a tip

Never rely on the kindness of another , he is just a stranger


Your body is jarred into the barrier

There’s nothing you can do

The rain on the floor was your carrier

Get out of the mess stop looking for who and focus on you


Shift your life back into gear

But dont forget to check your mirrors for the past

Living is meant to be without fear

How long will the nervousness last


You want to feel prepared and in motion

Something that this world has taken its toll

Come to grips and regain your emotion

Otherwise you will be forever losing control

A Day To Remember- I’m Made Of Wax, Larry,What Are You Made Of ?

The Kooks- She Moves In Her Own Way

The Kooks- Ooh La


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