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Hey guys! and girls obviously :)

Im currently working on lots of projects at the moment ( blog,novel and poetry book) id love to hear about what you guys are working on .

It doesnt have to be to do with writing just anything your working towards and are proud of doing so.

Just give me a couple of lines in the comments box and tell me what your up to ..




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Interview With- Missing Andy


Interview with Missing Andy

1.   So you guys have been around since 2008, what do you think has enabled you to keep going as a band ?

 Alex –  There’s a strong desire to write good music within the camp. Everyone learns off one another and we’re all pushed by one another. We strive to better ourselves as musicians and song writers constantly, it also helps that we’re all really good pals and take the piss out of each other. 

2. Your debut single “The Way We’re Made ( Made In England) reached 38 in the Uk singles chart , what was it like for your first released song to have success?

Alex -It was a great feeling, but it’s a shame it wasn’t the full version. We charted with the half length Must Be The Music version. But nonetheless we’re so grateful to everyone that bought it and put us there. It’s a big thing for anyone to get into the charts and I’m glad that we’ve been added to the list alongside the likes of chumbawumba, aqua and such other prestigious names. 

3.    So far you have released three albums “ Generation silenced”,”Guerrilla Invasion Pt. 1 “and Guerrilla Invasion Pt. 2” , what is the process when coming up with names, and how much thought goes into it?

Alex –  You can sit there thinking for ages and ages on rubbish names for albums, then you find some accidentally or they come to you when you least expect it. That was the case with all of our albums. 

4. Which is your favourite song off the album/albums?

Alex – My personal favourite is Glorious. It’s such a personal song to me and was a big turning point for me as a song writer from a production point of view. That song means a great deal to me.

5.Who writes the majority of the bands songs , and what is the usual song writing process, so is it all done in one go or is it in short sections with each bit being shown to the band and approved? 


Rob -We’ve all got full recording capability in our homes, and El has a full on studio. Each member can churn out a complete song. The usual process is someone will email an idea be it the early stages, or a near complete demo, which then faces a roman style vote. Thumbs up or down. Its brutal, especially when its your song, but it keeps the standard high and makes us all eager to get the green light on songs. If there’s an amazing idea floating about, a couple of us would normally have it finished within a day or so. The final phase is meeting at El’s to record it. We rarely ‘jam write’ mainly because our songs are so important to us lyrically too.

6.The song “DAVE” has found great success , but can you tell me the story behind the song?

Rob - Well, I guess a few people know it haha. In  nut shell, its about a certain girl and a certain guy in a band, another certain guy in the band with a new nick name and a van! Simples!

7. Where is the best place you have ever played a gig/festival at, and why ?

I recall the Madness house of fun weekender being an all round good crack. Great stage, sound, audience, booze, bang, carnage and all things a lads weekend away should be! The food was f*%kin dog sh*t though! Good ole’ Butlins! Oh, Wembley was ok!

9.  Which bands inspired you growing up and what about them was it that you found inspiring? 

 STEVE -I loved stadium rock bands coz I was a guitarist. Used to think indie bands were shocking because they could only play 4 chords! Once I’d got better at guitar I realized the value of song writing and got back into bands like oasis and the stereophonics. But iv still kept my love of stadium rock, massive choruses!

10. What genre would you put yourselves in and why do you think that people should giver you guys a listen? 

STEVE -  I’d say we’re a mix of indie, rock, ska and pop. We’ve always been a best of both band and I just think there’s something there for absolutely everyone if they give it a chance. It’s all on spotify ;)

11.  Your guys are unsigned still even though you have a massive fan base , what would you like to say to potential record labels reading this ? 

 STEVE –  Go f*&k yourself!

12.  Where will you be touring for the rest of 2014? ( tour dates) 

Elliot -  We’re having a break from big tours this year so we can concentrate on writing some new material, but we’re still doing a few festivals to keep the cobwebs away. 27th June Wakefield , 05 July Nibley Festival, 19th July Brentwood Festival, 24th July Pepper Presents (Bournemouth), 09th Aug Hitchin.  We may also be venturing off to Amsterdam for a few one off gigs for our sponsors,  Base London.

13.  Where can people buy your music? 

Elliot – All the normal outlets, iTunes, Amazon, probably ebay haha but seriously don’t buy from ebay, you can buy directly from our website which means more of the profit goes to the band, so if you really want to show support why shop anywhere else ;)

14.   Anything else you would like to say ? 

 Elliot -Be careful of badgers in the air conditioning! Visit Missingandy.com to join our mailing list for all the latest news and finally to finish off, is there going to be another hosepipe ban or what?


Missing Andy- DAVE

Interview With- Message To Venus



Interview With Message To Venus

You guys grew up in Puerto Rico, and then moved to Florida are the music scenes massively different or do you think you are well received in both places?

Jandre: Puerto Rico is so small that everyone knows everyone in the music scene. But it’s not easy to create a buzz there. It’s very cutthroat like in other places. But the reason for leaving Puerto Rico is because unless the music you sounds Latin flavored, or you’re a commercial big time artist like Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Ednita Nazario, then you’re swimming against a strong current that won’t let you go beyond a certain level. We are still a fresh band in Florida and are working on creating our buzz. I’m confident that we’ll represent the state as a great band soon enough.

You changed your name from De’fekt to Message To Venus, what was behind the decision?

Jandre: Well De’fekt was a different band with a different singer. Message to Venus was a concept that I had but I couldn’t seem to get the guys that were with me motivated to practice and gig. They always had other band priorities, and they had cover bands to boot. The boyz from De’fekt had just finished recording all their music with producer/sound engineer Leo Alvarez who I know very well because I have recorded an album with him with my previous band. Leo calls me and tells me that the boyz from De’fekt just finished recording an album but the singer called it quits and for personal reasons had to move state side. I went to San Juan to the studio which was 2 hours away from my pad and I dug the music. They asked me to record vocals on a few songs to see how it worked. And it went very well! But we felt that the name De’fekt was not proper to use because we did not want to perform any of their older songs, keep in mind this band had been in the scene for 10 years. We all wanted to start something fresh so I asked the guys if they wanted to use Message to Venus as a band name because it was still very new to the scene, showed them what I had and we have been working together ever since then as Message to Venus.

You released an EP in 2011 called “The Envelope” What about the EP are you most happy with , but what looking back at it would you now change ?

Jandre: Most bands first albums or EPs are an experiment. You really don’t know what you’re doing the first time around until you hear the final finished product. The EP was exactly that. It’s music that was recorded more as a demo then transformed into an “EP”. We needed to release something as we were recording the remaining of the new album, Victims & Villains. With this we had a few good tracks like Universal You, The Show, and a cover of Depeche Mode’s Stripped. It’s relaxed us a lot not having the pressure to finish the new album that was in the making at the time, allowing us to record in a more relaxed pace. The only thing that bothers me about The Envelope is definitely the sound quality.

When can we next expect a new EP/album from you ?

Jandre: We are about to release the new album titled Victims & Villains, should be out before the end of 2014.

Whats new in the world of Message to Venus?

Jandre: We have an Indiegogo campaign going on right now to help us release the new album and we’re all relocating to Miami. To learn more and contribute with our Indiegogo please visit: http://HelpM2V.today

Where can people get a hand on your music , and do you have any Merchandise people can buy/wear?

Jandre: You can go to http://messagetovenus.com for all of our merch and music or you could go to our Indiegogo campaign (http://HelpM2V.today) to support us and get new merch. We’re also on iTunes, Amazon or any other digital music store or streaming service.

What so far would you consider to be your best song , and why?

Jandre: That’s personal hahaha. I’m very proud of the entire new album. But I would have to say The Show because it is the song that helped me define what direction the band needs to go.


How do you think you guys have developed musically since you started , and what direction do you see yourself heading?

Jandre: Our producer Leo pushed us so far as musicians and as individuals. Sometimes he pushed us so hard out of our comfort zones that we wanted to just quit. LOL. We have polished so much before our last US tour that in some gigs kids asked me if we were playing with a CD. This is a great compliment for me. We are getting tight. John and I are fans of acoustic guitar playing. You might see more of this in the future of M2V. But for now the new album is heavy and dramatic.

What means more to you, selling out a smaller venue or if you was to half fill an arena?

Jandre: I’m such a fan of smaller venues. I have played with Message to Venus in large arenas and in full ones to. The problem with large arenas is if you don’t have the full stage staff, a lot can go wrong, like not having the right monitor volume. That alone can kill the band’s performance because we can’t hear ourselves on stage. Smaller venues are so personal and great to get the public involved in the show.

What lyrics from your songs mean the most to you ?

Jandre: A song called Pre-Violence form the new album Victims & Villains.

What would you like to say to your fans ?

Jandre: We need you now more then ever! Relocating for a band is not easy at all and releasing a new album is so expensive. Please support out Indiegogo campaign by making a contribution at: http://HelpM2V.today 

We are doing this for you and for your music collection. You will not be disappointed and we love you all so much. Fell free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Alter Bridge- Blackbird

Marvel Turn Thor Into A Woman


Marvel Comics has released its big plans to chnge its hammer weilding Norse super hero Thor- the character will now be a woman.

The publisher has said that by recasting the character that it would attract more women and girls to the superhero comic books.

What they appear to have forgotten though is that Thor is based on a Norse god , and not a Norse goddess!

The new artwork reveals that the once muscular and bearded Thunder God is now going to be a buxon blonde, wearing a caped costume.

Still pretty sure men are more likely to read this …

The first Thor edition of Marvel appeared in 1962 and has been since the star of two blockbuster movies.

New York, based Marvel described the move as ” one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of the big three ” Captain America,Iron Man and Thor.”

” No longer is the classic thunder god able to hold the mighty hammer , Mjolnir, and a brand new female hero will emerge worthy of the name Thor”.

I think what they seem to have forgotten is that men genuinely love the normal Thor, and while its possible this may bring in female readers, i think its much more likely to actually weaken the bond with its existing readers.

Not to mention its probably a bad idea to mention this to our Nordic friends!

Jason Aaron , writer of the Thor series , said in a statement that ” This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor . This is not Thorita. This is Thor”

Im pretty sure that actually Mr Aaron , this is just a female rip off of the normal and to be honest pretty well loved actual Nordic god of thunder Thor..

The LadyThor, oops sorry “Thor” will first appear in her first adventure in October and will be illustrated by Russell Dauterman.

Personal opinion on this ?

Really bad move..




Ask Tara Anything

I would appreciate it if all my friend from my blog would go over to my friend Tara’s site and take part in her latest post :) See the link below :)



A Mans Life Views



A Mans Life Views
Regret not what you do but what you don’t
Miss what you need not what you wont
Live life to the full and enjoy the occasion
Don’t waste away waiting for your standing ovation
Respect is earned over a long time but lost in an instant
Two hearts can be right next to each other but still distant
Envy is a pointless motion
It will eat you up and make you sick like the ocean
Forget your demons and live with joy
Be the type of person you want to employ
Not as a worker but as a friend
After all that’s what matters in the end.

Interview With- Oxygen Thief

Interview With Oxygen Thief
1. Oxygen Thief , is a rather stand outish name, what made you call yourself that ?
I always wanted a “band”-sounding name when I started, rather than playing under my own name. It’s the name of an old Placebo b-side made up of effects pedal noises, so it seemed fitting when my wife suggested it. Plus it’s an insult, so is nicely self-deprecating.
2. You have found popularity all over the world , but your biggest breaks so far have really been festivals, which is the best one you have ever played and why?
2000 Trees is the best festival I’ve ever been to, as well as played – the atmosphere across the whole site is so brilliant, and the crowds are so up for joining in, it’s brilliant. We’re playing there full band for the first time on 10th July, can’t wait. 
3. I recently saw you perform at Download this year (2014) how do you think it went and what other act do you think stole the show over the weekend?
It was great – people joined in with singing and clapping, someone started a human pyramid, and I rocked out as hard as I possibly could! I loved Dillinger Escape Plan’s set…even without seeing them as I could only make the Sunday, I know that Baby Godzilla would have been a sensation.
4. If you wasnt in music, what would you be doing?
I have a day job too, so I’d probably just be doing that but with less daydreaming, and spending more time with my wife!
5. So far you have released two albums , the latest of these being “Accidents do not happen, they are caused”, do you have any ideas for the name of the next album or is it something you do last minute?
The latest came out this week actually, titled “The Half-Life of Facts” – I tend to try and find something that fits vibe of the release in some way and go from there. “Accidents…” is a line from one of the songs on the release, likewise with “One Day This Will All Be Fields”. “Destroy It Yourself” is a combination of my love of puns, and the fact that I recorded it all at home and was an extremely DIY act at the time. I also love trying to pronounce their awkward acronyms as if they were proper words: ADNHTAC, ODTWABF, THLOF, 
6. Where can people buy your music , and what can people do to make you feel like they are supporting you ?
The best place is www.xtramilerecordings.com as that supports the label as well as the band. It’s always great when people come to shows, sing along, say “hi” afterwards, buy merch…but even the smallest thing, like sharing links to our music with their friends so that more people listen to it, is a huge help.
7. who were your favourite band/artist growing up , and how do you think they have influenced you ?
My first love were Queen who influenced me to want to play music in the first place. Then it was probably Radiohead, Placebo and The Manic Street Preachers, who all got me interested in lyrics and inventiveness in various ways – none of them ever really stood still from one album to the next.
8. If you could sum up what Oxygen Thief is all about in a sentence what would it be ?
Loud, aggressive, unpredictable, lyrical noise.
9.A lot of people describe you as folk punk or acoustic punk, do you agree with these genres, or do you think you fit in somewhere else ?
I’m pretty useless at identifying genres really…I tend to write “one man, acoustic, loud /  3 piece, electric, louder” as a description things as I think that sums it up without being too constrictive. 
10. is there anything you would like to tell people?
That if they haven’t already then, aside than our new album, they should definitely check out “This Year’s Best Disaster” by I Hate Our Freedom, “Collider” by Left Side Brain, and the self-titled album by Office of Future Plans. Also – go to 2000 Trees Festival in July as it is all of the fun.


Nickleback- Someday


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