Tired Of Street Performers!



I get one hour on my lunch to get food , and get anything i need to from town. All i want in that period os a little time to relax and listen to music through earphones if i want and forget everything else and just chill out.

So imagine my horror when what can only be described as a infestation of street performers crossed my path around EVERY corner i turned…

Now dont get me wrong i actually love music , and i like listening to it . Just that i already have some playing in my ears quite loudly and i dont want to still be able to hear a women screeching out something which isnt even in a language i understand and then still be able to hear her 3 streets away! Just so you know women …. If you sing in english in england you might have more blooming luck!

I dont want to have to watch where im going because 4 ( thats right 4) people are building the EXACT same model out of sand ….. boring! One person doing it , yea i can understand thaty and why i might give them money for it but four? Come on now there is something fishy with that!

I genuinely got asked by a middle aged gypsy looking man if i wanted a ride on the merry go round -_- like really … Why would i want to and second of all why is it blocking half the street ?!

I dont want to listen to a cross between a guitar and a saxaphone that someone has decided to oddly put together that actually sounds like a sealion getting its nose chopped off while having a blowtorch shoved up it!

All i want is a lunch time where i am walk around , not have my way blocked , and not having my ears tortured and for people to stop begging for money!

I already pay taxes… I dont want to pay the gypsy tax too!

I genuniely dont mind street perfomers as long as they are actually good. Are original to the point where i dont walk around a corner and see another person doing exactly the same. And that i dont get bugged by them to pay , as if i want to pay them i will i dont need encouragement.

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Diamond Head- Am I Evil?

The Silent Killer


Odorous substance

Stench of the forbidden

The most merciless being in existence

The decision to forgive long overridden

An element with nothing to feel

A room filler

Peoples breaths it, likes to steal

The silent killer

Poison within each lung

You can’t see the W.A.S.P coming

Are you about to get stung?

Passenger- Let Her Go

16 Year Old Survives 5 Hour Flight In Wheel Arch


A 16 year old boy has amazingly survived a extraordinary journey while hidden in the wheel well of a five hour long flight from California to Hawaii.

A spokesman for the Hawaiian Airlines said that airline staff had noticed the boy after the plane landed in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The boy was questioned by the FBI and given a medical screening , and is said to be in a stable condition.

The boy who is reported to have run away from home , jumped over the fence at San Jose airport in order to get to the plane

The authorities are now reviewing whether to file criminal charges against the boy.

“Our primary concern at the moment is for the well-being of the boy, who is exceptionally lucky to have survived”- A spokesman of the Hawaiian Airlines said.

“Kids lucky to be alive”- FBI spokesman Tom Simon told the AP news Agency.

Mr Simon said that when the flight landed in Maui the teenager hopped down from the wheel well and started wandering around the airports grounds.

The only possession he had at the time of his arrest was a comb for his hair.

He survived a lack of oxygen and freezing temperatures as the plane climbed to 12,000m.

Mr Simon said that the boy had been unconscious for most of the journey.

Since records began in 1947, about 100 wheel well stowaways are thoughts to have attempted to board flights, of who around ¾ are known to have died.

The Facts

  • Between 1947 and 2012, 96 wheel well stowaways are thought to have attempted to board 85 flights
  • 73 of those stowaways died and 23 survived
  • Youngest recorded survivor aged nine
  • One person is known to have survived cruising altitude of 39,000ft


Linkin Park- What I’ve Done

Help Jaydon Cabe

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Mute Tongues Speak The Forbidden

Mute tongues speak the forbidden



The periodic spray

Uttering of filth every day

Spreading of a fake fact

Credibility is still intact

Blank faces believe

Chinese whispers with a trick up their sleeve

Corruption is but a mirror

Its reflection a new lie with every shimmer

Black light reveals the hidden

Mute tongues speak the forbidden

Alice Cooper- Poison

Cooperstown Arizona

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Cooperstown Arizona

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